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Do you know Kung Fu ?

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Groovy Visuals

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💡 How to use Electric Sheep with music 💡

I've been doing this for ages now (sorry for not sharing til now)

1) Set the sheep prefs to run in "Normal" screen mode (so it runs at its native 640×480 size, & make sure the new "Allow Res. Changes" option is not on.

2) Run WinAmp, & select the "Advanced Visualization Studio" visualizer. Open the "AVS Editor" config panel & choose the "Display" option from the settings menu. Choose "Overlay mode" & change the output colour to black, close the editor.

3) Now preview, or set the screensaver time-out to 1 min, sit back & MMMMmmmm. . . OOOOooo . . . & Enjoy with your favorite smoke!

I have found that the "Distant Suns-Grand Tour 3D screensaver" also works a treat with this method.

The best sheep are the circular mandalas & kelidoscopes. Oh & some of the transitions work realy well.

This works with anything you can pick a colour for Overlay playback.
..Hint, have a play with WinAmp & MediaPlayer Classic's pixel-shader options (also try VLC). ..WinAmp & a Flash anim.

This should be possible with other music players, with appropreate visualizers.

:idea:A real bonus with WinAmp is the ability to feed it "Live" audio.
Select "Play URL" (Ctrl+L) instead of playing a file, & type in "linein://". Now when you press "Play" it will sample from your chosen recording source.
I use "Stereo Mix" rather than "line in" or "Mic in", that way it works for everything.
Use the little built-in oscilloscope (or spectrum analyzer) on WinAmp to setup the input volume level.

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