technika TK13Cm2 webcam

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Before you download the driver and complain “it doesn’t work”…
and some other old obsolete webcams (listed below), not other random Technika cameras.
If you have a camera that is not MODEL TK13Cm2 THESE DRIVERS WILL NOT WORK !
Contact Tesco (link below) …

TECHNIKA Ultra Webcam and Headset
Model TK13Cm2 (DISCONTINUED mid 2008)
Catalogue number: 202-7098
from Tesco

If you haven’t done so, PLEASE complain to Tesco.
BBC Watchdog program

– BTW. Yes I did phone customer support (normal and electrical goods) and they tried to help as much as they could. But as they couldn’t provide anything other than the original useless driver CD, and couldn’t find out who makes their products, as they have no access to that sort of information.

. I urge everyone to ask them for the help you know they can’t give you, and take them up on the offer to receive a call about your “customer support experience”.
They called me within a few days (I guess my call went to the next step quickly as it was unsolved).
:eyes: Rather than a discussion about my “experience”, I was asked a load of questions from a very “leading” questionnaire. I chose my answers very carefully, as the questions are designed to make Tesco look good.
:devil: If you are aware of this before the call, you can use it to your advantage and have a bit of fun at their expense :whistle:

Am I the only person to have contacted Tesco about Technika product drivers ?
It would appear so, as they don’t feel the need to update their site.

I have found the drivers online, by searching for “USB2.0 PC Camera (SN9C201)” (as this is what is written in the installation pics in the manual).
💡 (if you have a different model webcam, you may find the clues you need in the photos of the setup process in your manual)

This lead me to one of those pain in the arse driver collection sites. (updated link)
You can ignore this link, as once I knew what I was looking for, I looked for the makers of the chipset used in the camera, which lead me here.
Select “Video/Image Controllers”
then “PC-CAM Controller”
& finally “SN9C202”

Direct Links to Sonix info/downloads
This driver is for SN9C201 & SN9C202 chipset cameras.
They also have drivers for Mac OSX (which you don’t get on the install CD) :up:

:yes: LINUX drivers for this, and other Microdia web-cams can also be found here – Microdia

Current driver versions are (at the time I update this blog)
SN9C202_v5.7.27000.0_Win98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/Win7 (12388KB)
SN9C201/202_v1.03_MacOSX (1920KB)

The difference between the two product numbers is;
SN9C201 = USB 2.0 compliant video single-chip processor
SN9C202 = USB 2.0 compliant video/audio single-chip processor
both products use the same driver installation, and strictly speaking the SN9C202 would be the actual chip used in the Ultra Webcam
NOTE: This is an old and obsolete chipset :rip:

This includes Intel, Trust, Microdia, Sonix or Tesco (I won’t say “Technika”, as this is just a made-up brand name, and not an actual company, with an actual website or any contact details of any kind)

To sum up.
Sonix made the chipset (a long time ago), Microdia seem to have made the camera, and Tesco put a sticker on it, and packaged it with driver version 1, which was pre-Vista and only worked for a few XP users (probably ver.1 XP pre-SP1, with no updates), so was already outdated when Tesco first got it.

UPDATE (07/09/2008)
In the one day after this page was put up, it already had loads of visits.
I guess there are a lot of people without the installation disc, or want better/updated drivers.

UPDATE 2 (26/03/2011)
A few years down the road, and this page still gets a stupid amount of visitors from all over the world!
I guess the cameras are endlessly being sold back and forth on ebay 😆
I’ve re-written a few bits and added more info, as people seemed to be following the wrong link, instead of the direct links (now labelled as such).

UPDATE 3 (18/01/2012)
I keep getting asked about this “H16WC-01” webcam so I thought I’d look into it.
If you have one, you are stuffed. Get rid of it ASAP, and stop buying Technika products. Tell everyone you meet, and tell your children, and tell them to tell thier children when they have some etc.
Here is the official support page for the chip used in the camera.
PixArt PAC7301/PAC7302
LinuxTV info page has examples of other cameras using this chip. Try the drivers for those (Labtec Webcam 2200, looks like a good bet).

UPDATE 4 (04/01/2016)
At some point in 2013 Sonix removed the downloads for the SN9C201&202
Final version seems to be 5.7.27000
Drivers packaged by other OEMs should work.


:doh: They make cheap hardware based on ancient obsolete products.
If you need more proof, check the Tesco Technika support page below. It hasn’t changed since 2006, so only has support for dead old products :rip: they used to sell before 5 years ago :yikes: They have 1 driver for a webcam no one probably has anymore :jester:

:hat: Hooray for me!:cheers:
:faint: Boo to Tesco tech-support, or lack of. :doh:

  1. dr-flay says:

    To "Tescodirect"Err… what software are you trying to capture with?


  2. anonymous says:

    R34G4N writes:My mum got me a webcam for my birthday from tescos, a VGA webcam, i've installed it all restarted my computer, and nothing happends. And it really anoyying me. I could go to tescos, and ask for my money back. My mate could give me a proper webcam for free, and it would work better than this.( Do not buy these webcams from tesco, its a waste of money. And i advise you. VGA webcams, are 5H1T!


  3. dr-flay says:

    To R34G4NI advise everyone to complain to Tesco about the lack of driver support.Until people do, nothing will change.Contact links are at the top of the page.BTW. VGA just means that the camera is capable of at least 640×480 pixels. Most modern web-cams are VGA


  4. anonymous says:

    BJ writes:This driver works great for Tesco's Technika TKVGACm1 VGA web cam on Windows 7 64-bit 🙂 you to the poster above that put me on the right track, although their link is now broken.


  5. dr-flay says:

    Thanks BJ, for finding another compatible driver.I just checked the five download links above, and they are all still working, but the first link to the site where I worked-out what I had is indeed dead.I will find where they have moved the page, and update the link ASAP. (Though it is only there to show how I found the correct site)


  6. anonymous says:

    Stevey P writes:Hey thanks man, i have wasted hours of my life looking for technika drivers, be it speakers (yea imagine the frustration when speakers need a driver) webcams or headsets, you saved me plenty of time, tugs n hugs x


  7. dr-flay says:

    My pleasure Stevey, I'm glad to have helped.Cheers for the tugs too 😀


  8. anonymous says:

    Jade writes:Hi there! I bought this webcam from Tesco for my little sister as a gift (her webcam broke recently) and we were absolutely puzzled as to why the webcam wouldn't work. I have tried both downloads linked (which for some reason download the exact same setup?), installed it, yet the camera still does not work 😦 I even tried installing the drivers from the tesco website! It still doesn't work 😦 If it makes any difference, she has a windows 7 laptop. Is there anyway you could possibly help me out? I would appreciate it a lot if you could!


  9. dr-flay says:

    Sorry Jade, but if you have recently bought your web-cam from Tesco, then the drivers linked here will not help you.The drivers linked here are for an old product that people have usually got second-hand.The drivers on the Tesco site are for an even older, totally obsolete webcam, that they sold many years ago.If you read my post, you would have seen that I explain that the 2 chipsets listed above are the same, with the same driver download.Have you phoned Tesco helpline?


  10. anonymous says:

    Ummer writes:Hmm this driver doesn't seem to like the w109 model… well not on windows 7.


  11. dr-flay says:

    Originally posted by anonymous:

    Ummer writes:Hmm this driver doesn't seem to like the w109 model… well not on windows 7.

    Errr, this driver is for cameras with the SN9C201 and SN9C202 chipset. If the w109 uses another chipset (which it probably does) then you need a different driver.
    Contact Tesco. The contact details are at the top of the page.


  12. anonymous says:

    Gerry writes:Hiya – I've got one of these H16WC-01 cameras and I installed the driver you provided the link to but it doesn't work for me 😦 Even after the (apparently successful) install I'm getting an unknown device icon in the Device Manager (XP SP2), implying to me that the driver hasn't actually installed. I also get a vidcap error whenever I try to launch Amcap (unsurprising I suppose if the driver hasn't installed). Are you aware of any potential device conflicts there might be? I have a Sidewinder joystick, an HP H470 printer and a standalone mic on the USB but I wouldn't have thought they'd conflict with one another.Regards, Gerry


  13. dr-flay says:

    Sorry Gerry, but the drivers are only for the TK13Cm2 model.Your H16WC-01 webcam is from a different manufacturer.Your camera has a PAC7301/PAC7302 Chip, and is made by Pixart.


  14. Walter Prins says:

    The SN9C201 / tk13Cm2 drivers can be downloaded (direct link) from here: (zip file, formally for MSI pr 620, presumably an MSI branded version of the product), but the driver is in fact the same old SN9C201 driver and actually works fine on Windows 10 64bit. Just extract the zip file somewhere, go into device manager, right click on the unknown “USB 2.0 Camera” device, click “Update driver software, then point it at the “Driver” folder inside the extracted folder [note: NOT the “x64” folder] after which Windows should find the driver and install it. After installation the camera should be listed as “USB2.0 PC Camera (SN9C201)”. After a reboot the camera should work as expected in applications that make use of a webcam, such as Skype.) [Yes, I know I need a new webcam but I throwing stuff away when it’s perfectly functional.]


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