Posted: May 14, 2013 in File-hosting
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This is a collection of free hosting, mirroring and CDN links and info. …

Please leave suggestions in the comments.

Content Distribution Network (default 12hour cache)

Magnet Guide To MAGNETs.pdf (stalled project but functional) (link generator)
Torrent Magnet (link generator)
Torrent Caches


Archive/Backup services (and Distribution)

Direct Transfer

RHash (Recursive Hasher)  –  RHash GUI

Search makes use of GetRight mirrors
eDonkey top searches
WLinks Search Engine
Cross-network search engine

Upload tools
File & Image Uploader (over 800 services) for OneDrive
Facebook and Youtube uploaders
Simple Java Youtube Uploader
Picture Backup Manager


  1. anonymous says:

    ziddu Launches Paid Cloud Services and Accepts BitCoin


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