The EU referendum song and dance show

Posted: Jun 30, 2016 in Philosophy, Politics, Sociology
(The knee-jerk 2-step)

Examples of proud English “Nationalism” now legitimised and on display (knee-jerks turns rapidly into goose-steps). – Nationalist (Neo Nazi) posters becoming common in cities.

politics /ˈpɒlɪtɪks/
1. the activities associated with the governance of a country or area, especially the debate  between parties having power.
2. activities aimed at improving someone’s status or increasing power within an organization.

To the outside world, on paper this may have looked and smelled like genuine politics was happening.
From the inside I can assure you the smell was purest B.S. and rotting values, and it had nothing to do with genuine “politics”. It has as much to do with politics as punching someone in the face because you don’t like the look of them and need to feel superior.
This was pure fear of foreigners, nothing more, nothing less. (is that politics ?)
Just because politicians were on the media stage, and just because the media are capable of making politicians dance to their tune, does not make it real or functional politics. That is called “Entertainment”. The outcome is very real yet we were presented with wilfully misleading works of fiction.
Real politicians should know basics like how Parliament works, or how to be an MP, how the EU works, how their country affects others, and how the global economy functions. These bad-actors do not know their craft.
Players and performers strut and shout opinions they have been handed, while laying on as much drama as possible so you look at them more. This time they ran out of script and stage direction.
Exhibit A: Boris Johnson. Arose to power because he looks funny, and says outrageous things that make people laugh. Top attribute: There is a good chance you will get to see him fall over, or say something mildly racist.
Exhibit B: Nigel Farage, Arose to power because he looks funny, says outrageous things, and seems like a good laugh down the pub. Top Attribute: Looks natural holding a pint of beer.
Their cheeky-charm overrides all the controversies surrounding them.
Yes I am aware that “politics” comes in many forms and scales, even within primate groups, but at the point you legitimise this sort of behaviour as politics, instead of the lying, posturing and bullying it really is, you are lost.
If you personally see that behaviour happen in a small scale, you call it what you see. Put it on TV and somehow it becomes politics.
As long as you normalise this behaviour, you are doomed to continue it.

The UK forgets quickly why Jeremy Corbyn stormed into the leadership of his party, and his legendary first day in Parliament, where everyone was polite and respectful !
He promoted the crazy idea of turning our backs on this recent version of pretend politics and pointing fingers while shouting. There has always been shouting and pointing, but until recent times politicians also spoke about their own policies, rather than only those of the opposition.
2 uninformed sides spouting equal amounts of fake promises and made-up facts about Britain and the EU exit (is this politics I cannot see ? I looked really hard but I fail to comprehend any politics, or in what way it is useful.)
My theory as to why Corbyn was so quiet during the referendum, is because on top of being forced to vote against his will, he did not have a bag full of lies and promises to shout. No one knew what would happen, but because there are no real leaders they cannot admit it.

Q: What does it take to radicalise an unstable middle-England English person into assassinate their local MP  ?
A: A media with no moral-compass or self-control, that also knows 50% of the UK get its news from facebook and twitter. and that 99% of news shared in social media is reactionary, and shocking, so each story they write must be more reactionary and shocking.
Well done click-bait media.

The Stage Setup

The vote leave campaign was created by 1 man and fuelled by the media, not the politicians.
The Conservative party previously agreed to the referendum so they would not lose lots of “flag-waving Nationalist” members to the “flag-waving-knee-jerking Nationalist” UKIP, during the last election.
This time round they were simply along for the ride, as nothing they said made a difference (people don’t trust what they say, and external business and financial critics also showed both sides were lying).
The leave campaign focussed on the horror of endless swarms of murderers and rapists coming to take our homes and jobs. A swarming horror that could only be found on the TV or in the media, but not on the UK streets.
The main money lie was that we would be £350 per week better off, but failed to contemplate that leaving the EU does not mean we stop paying back our massive debts, until we have paid it all, or that making a plan was a good idea.

There is already blood on the streets, and things are going to get very nasty. A lock-down will come after that, and we will be the finally losing our rights to any form of privacy or protection from the government.
For the past 2 years they have changed
Since the beginning of this year, the EU was our last protection from our own Government, because the Gov. have changed laws to make themselves untouchable in the event they continue to do wrong.


The Players
Most people that voted to leave fell into several categories.
The older you are, the less educated you are, the poorer you are, the more racist you are, and the least known about the workings of the EU you have, the more likely you were to vote leave.
One thing they all have in common is, they have no concept of what operating in the global economy means, or that we cannot simply disconnect from it. 
The evidence became apparent within minutes of the results. All those that voted to leave, suddenly thought it may be worth finding out what the EU was, by asking the magic oracle of truth called Google. 
Within minutes of the vote result each of the campaign front-page main “facts" used by the leave campaign, were admitted to be not true by the leave party (hence the idiot public rushing on line to see what they had just done).
People that voted to stay in the EU started to search for something else—searches-spike-on-google-after-britain-votes-t/

The main event unfolds

The real impact of this blunder is starting to be felt around the world, but the news will be told differently everywhere.
Watching from the inside and monitoring trusted news sources (not just the main media).

Day 1, The pound drops faster and lower than any currency ever (world record), and no restrictions in place for hours because the UK market had not yet opened.
Apart from 3 companies the entire US stock market finishes down, and even the US housing market is hit, the rest of the world markets also take a beating (very, sorry about that).
Day 2, the prices in some UK shops for imported product have shot upwards, some by a crazy margin (this is shops taking advantage, not because their existing stock became rare).
Fuel prices now heading upwards also.
Many international companies preparing to leave the UK for more stable countries. Some gone already.
Gangs of racist bullies now walk around towns and into shopping centres, and shouting that foreigners must leave because "We have taken our country back".
Community centres are now being vandalised if they are used my migrants.
Day 3+, The country has no leader, and the main opposition party starts to break up.
Nazi style “Nationalist” posters are now common in the cities, attacks on foreign looking individuals is becoming more public and common.
The UK stock market continues to take a pounding, and looks set to keep crashing for a while.

If you discount purely physical products, the UKs biggest export is “Wealth” as shown in an article from last year. 
Well good luck with keeping that house of cards from falling !

Audience Participation

In some ways I am lucky to live in the Duchy of Cornwall (owned by England) which is remote and mostly rural, and where ironically, we already have a problem with the elderly English retiring here, or buying our homes for use a few weeks of the year in Summer. We are laughing with irony at the English because they cannot see they are guilty of immigrating here (and elsewhere), or taking homes out of the local market, while also putting excess strain on a local economy.
We have 1 proper hospital for all of Cornwall, and a mobile C.A.T. scanner in a lorry. If you have a broken limb, they only have the staff for 3 days in the main hospital, and they travel Cornwall the rest of the week. Our mental health departments have waiting lists of several years.
The UKs alcoholics, drug-addicts and the elderly come to Cornwall because it is at the warm end of the British isles.
Now the whole country is becoming “flooded” with it’s own students who don’t put any money into the local council services. (spot the microcosms and macrocosms ?)
Most foreign immigrants have the decency to live and work here all year round, adding to the local economy. Even Rowes pastys are almost all made by Polish hands here in Cornwall.
England don’t fund projects here, we have only ever been a resource for England, and we will now be seeing all our rural community projects close. All our adult-learning centres, and youth-clubs were co-funded by the EU.
When the last tin-mine closed, England no longer had use of us, other than as a quaint holiday destination and making jokes of.
Our notable farming contribution is mostly now early potatoes and daffodils.
An industry that has for generations used immigrant workers. It used to be locals and other British workers, but now they all want to be managers now, or make money without hard work.

Because no actual politics was involved in this farce, no plan was ever made for leaving the EU. This equates to deciding to go on holiday, by leaping out of bed to run away from an argument, running to the train station then jumping on the first train you see. No money, no phone, no map, no idea of which direction we are even going.
The click-bait media got what they wanted yet again, and will continue.
It is all about audience numbers, not about educating people. (a spoof, but very accurate)

Trapped in a burning theatre house
with overpriced popcorn

Unfortunately I also live in one of the poorest parts of the UK, so things are going to be real lean here for a long time. UK funding tends to dry up before reaching the extremities.
The English supermarkets already buy most of our local food and sell it back to us as a luxury regional speciality.
This is common all over the UK and beyond. All local foods are sold back to where they originated as luxury items. EU regulations did not make this happen, just the stupidity of transporting it up to England, then packed in fancy wrappers, to be sent back to Cornwall. “Local” produce travels several hundred miles, so does not make logistical or ecological sense.
Leaving the EU will not stop bad resource centralisation or the greed and stupidity of the Supermarkets and their exclusive contracts.
I cannot afford many Cornish foods of my childhood, and most of the fruit and veg we eat in Cornwall is from Spain and the Netherlands.
If imports become more expensive than the luxury food, many here (that remember how) will go back to the farming, fishing, hunting and foraging of our parents generation (I am already contemplating on getting a new rifle).
I much prefer to photograph the wildlife, but I guess the rabbit population here has been a problem since my generation stopped eating them, because supermarkets don’t sell rabbit.

All the stock markets are woven into the same house of cards.

Make no mistake, the next country to leave will crash the world stock market even more heavily, because it will reinforce the that the EU is broken.
Then the next country will make it crash harder, etc.
Unfortunately the world stock market is a faith based system of imaginary numbers, where if you believe hard enough in the right place, invisible money and Unicorns magically appear !
Any financial markets that have room for Cryptozoology, may as well be selling shares in “Emperors new clothes” with the Emperors new crypto-coins minted from purest madeupararium (similar to unobtanium only more rarefied).

The EU was always a great idea if managed properly, and if members did their part.
Due to constant squabbling and power struggles, it is failing, and the UK MEPs did nothing to help, offered no useful direction, only making more problems.
Thankfully however as a bastion of civil rights it has stopped the UK Gov from committing various illegal activities against the UK citizens.
The next person in charge of the UK is either Boris (Loud opinionated performing chimp) Johnson, or Theresa (Paranoid sociopathic witch) May.
May is cleverer and more devious than Boris, but he is more prolifically scheming and entertaining. They are the only real 2 candidates because they had the most TV and press time, and people can match their names to their faces.
(such a weird parallel with Trump and Clinton is hard to believe).
If the UK had competent and trustworthy leaders in any party, it would have a chance. All the parties split over this and are crumbling.
A Whelk and supernovae come to mind

The perfect storm back projection

The UK or the World does not need either Johnson or May being thrust into the captains chair because the Captain has abandoned ship. They are both very dangerous and short-sighted, regularly pushing policies they do not understand.
Like Trump and Clinton, they both risk the security of their country in their own ways.
Here we are, heading steadily up sh*t-creek, in a ship made of purest barbed-wire, with no power of our own (owned by other countries), and no way to steer it, because the new Captains were never trusted to take the auto-pilot off, so have never prepared for this, and the failing steel and ship-building industry are equally of no use here.

Any fool that congratulates Britain, is congratulating the victory of ignorance, racism and running away from your problems. Not a victory of the common man over the big corporations.
The main EU saboteur, UKIP leader MEP Nigel Farage went to only 1 EU session, and voted less than any other MEP
He became UKIP leader because he was the one people most wanted to have a drink with, not because of any policy skills or knowledge of politics or law. This lazy, poorly informed man also thinks it is a good idea to relax gun restrictions. when we have well balanced restrictions, and access for those that need firearms (I can have a licence).
That MP was the head of the main leave campaign based on his own failure to be an effective MP and MEP.
This is the coward that is even trying to blame the US President for more leave voters, rather than take the credit due, then gloats in front of the EU parliament
The EU often worked well for Britain, because the main MEPs never put the effort in, but expected lots in return (a common EU problem, but solvable if people can be bothered).
When the UK got any results from the EU it was often because of campaigns initiated by members of the public, or civil liberties institutions, not the Government. Sad but true.
It seems that some countries join the EU to tick a box and relax, and the UK became one of them. 

The good-ship “United” Kingdom is breaking up. Scotland, Ireland and all off-shore territories want to abandon-ship.
Directionless National pride will destroy this country, not make it stronger, because the current pride is misplaced.
“White Anglo-Saxon” street warriors of England never think about where the Anglo-Saxons came from, they just remember the 1 time England won a world cup (badly), and they remember Spitfires and Hurricanes defending the British shores.
While the English thugs are vandalising the Polish shops and buildings, they will not be remembering why Britain got into WW2, or that many of the Jewish people they are abusing were born here because of this same attitude.
I honestly fear for the lives of anyone that looks or sounds "different", living in the British cities right now.
There have been several incidents of racists shouting abuse at “foreign sounding” people, only to be informed by an English speaker that the strange words that offend their ears, is an older native British language eg. Welsh or Irish Gaelic. All the Celtic Nations still have their “British” languages that pre-date English, and many older rural people do not speak English.
My local radio station has a show in Cornish, just as this is common in Scotland, Ireland and Wales.
The British forget their history too easily.

I do not wish this on your countries, so if it comes your turn to vote, ignore the National press/media and what you see in social media. It will only be fuelled with hate and bigotry disguised as National pride designed to make you feel strong.
Any story that immediately makes you angry, will be created specifically to do so.
Read the tech and business sites, and the media from outside your countries.

Does your country owe the EU ? Then you still owe if you leave.
Does your country owe non-EU countries ? You still have to pay up regularly while you recover from leaving.
Does your country control its own fuel and energy supplies ? Prices will go up even if you do.
Does the majority of the cheap food on your shelves come from your own country or area ? Prices will go up if not.
Do you trust your leaders, and have they produced a plan ?

If you don’t have viable leaders, resources, a plan or map, do not use a blind leap of faith.
That is where we are right now. Watch and learn. Wish us luck as we wait to go over the falls

That is just my opinion, so take from it what you will.

What has the European Court of Human Rights done for us?
What has the EU ever done for us?


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