Security tools for Mobile devices

Posted: Mar 30, 2017 in Security
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Some useful free tools to keep you and your mobile device safer and more private.

Device and software vulnerabilities

Recap Vulnerability scanner from Palindrome
VTS Vulnerability Test Suite from NowSecure
X-Ray Vulnerability scanner from Duo Security (VTS fork)
Router Check vulnerability scanner and advice


Android Antivirus comparisons by AV-TEST
AV-Comparatives Mobile-Review

Bitdefender free mobile tools
Avira free Antivirus and privacy tool
Lookout personal mobile tools

Tracker and malvertising blockers
Adblock Plus
AdAway (Uses HOSTS file so needs ROOT)
DNS66 – DNS-Based Ad Blocking for Android

Addon and advert scanners

AppBrain Ad Detector by AppTornado
Addons Detector
APK Installer (uses AppBrain database)

VPN – Virtual Private Network
Avira Phantom VPN
OpenVPN client
OpenVPN Servers

Anonymous Networks

Orbot Tor proxy
Orfox Tor browser
Orwall Tor firewall
I2P Invisible internet project

IMSI/IMEI/TMSI (Stingray) catcher, detectors

SnoopSnitch by Security Research Labs – [Alternatives]
Android IMSI-Catcher Detector by CellularPrivacy – [Alternatives]
Cell Spy Catcher (Anti Spy) by SkibApps – [Alternatives]
GSM Spy Finder by GALAN – [Alternatives]

Certificate Management

For older Androids
CACertMan from The Guardian Project
Trust Manager by BlueBox

Security/Privacy collections

F-Droid Open Source apps

The Guardian Project (included with the F-Droid app) 
Useful security tools in Google Play store
Extensions for Firefox on mobile devices
Surveillance Self-Defence from  the Electronic Frontier Foundation
Reset The Net Privacy Pack

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